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At Refincel we offer you a service of manufacturing parts with quality reverse engineering.

Decades of experience and innovation in our processes, both in the study of each part and in its actual production, are keys to the excellence of a parts manufacturing service based on reverse engineering such as the one we offer you.

Thanks to back engineering, at Refincel we can now offer you a service of manufacturing discontinued parts adapted to your needs.

Manufacturers of custom industrial parts by means of reverse engineering

Do you need a discontinued part for one of your means of production?

Ask us, we’re specialists in industrial reverse engineering and we offer you an exclusive process of studying materials and applications.

As well as studying the design of special parts, our professionals make a detailed analysis of the special industrial applications required by each process. A personalised study enabling us to unfailingly find custom solutions in the manufacture of special parts with different applications

We therefore develop parts with special anti-corrosion applications, or special applications against abrasion or breakages, among others.

Consult our team of professionals and we’ll advise you on the manufacture of discontinued or special parts.

Manufacturers of discontinued spare parts for paper and cardboard industry machinery
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